3 Best Hybrid Strains to Grow

Top 3 Hybrid Strains

What are Hybrid Strains?

Offering an excellent middle ground for growers who seek the best of both worlds, hybrid strains are some of the most popular of all for indoor cultivation. Hybridization offers growers the opportunity to achieve the cerebral effects associated with sativa strains with the shorter, faster growth and greater yields that come from indica genes.

New York City Diesel

Hybrid Strains - New York City Diesel

Hybrid Strains – New York City Diesel

Up first is New York City Diesel, a famed strain descended from a cross of Sour Diesel with an Afghan indica of uncertain origin. These buds are potent and resinous, packing an awesome cerebral punch with a decent body high to go with it. They have a strong, characteristically sour diesel scent, thus earning them their name.

THC production on NYC Diesel is generally pretty awesome at 18 – 22% or more. For novice smokers, NYC Diesel can pack quite a punch, so take your time and gauge your response to it. Seasoned smokers, especially those who are fond of the cerebral high that comes with a strong sativa, will enjoy this strain and are encouraged to savor it.

One of the few potential drawbacks of NYC Diesel is that, because of its strong sativa leaning, this strain can take a while to fully flower. Expect to leave your plants flowering for 9 – 12 weeks or longer based on how much you let them vegetate before you went to bud. Look on the bright side, though, you can use that extra time to plan how you’ll smoke your lovely ladies!

Hybrid Strains - Super Lemon Haze

Hybrid Strains – Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze

Second is Super Lemon Haze, a magnificent strain, especially for daytime use. A hybrid of Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze, this is a sativa dominant strain with zesty lemon flavor and a delightful citrus scent. Perfect for an energetic, uplifting head high, Super Lemon Haze is great for alleviating stress and anxiety, and it’s quite stimulating to your creativity as well.

Being a sativa dominant strain, Super Lemon Haze does tend to grow taller than straight indicas and indica dominant hybrids. The flowering stage for Super Lemon Haze can take 2 months or more to fully complete too, but for those interested in a phenomenal cerebral high the wait is worth it. Despite its height, Super Lemon Haze is manageable indoors with proper training.

It is also perfect for growth in a greenhouse. Be warned that the branches tend to stretch out during flowering, becoming quite heavy with bud and in need of additional support. So be prepared to support those heavy, bud-laden limbs during the flowering cycle and enjoy.

Cinderella 99

Hybrid Strains - Cinderella 99

Hybrid Strains – Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99, also known as Cindy or simply as C99, is an exceptional sativa-dominant hybrid that instills a great cerebral high, stimulating creativity and dispelling nausea, anxiety or stress. With a light scent and delicious, smooth smoke, this is a strain that rarely disappoints the sativa aficionado. Cinderella 99 generally finishes flowering in 7 – 9 weeks, a decent time for a sativa.

Buds are generally tight and dense, frosted with resin and trichomes to the point of looking like they were rolled in sugar. One of the greatest aspects of this strain, though, is that it has been geared toward indoor growth specifically, so its yields are magnificent indoors, often topping 1 pound per plant when grown properly.

Cinderella 99 is relatively easy to grow, so beginners and novice growers can have good success with a bit of effort, and awesome results with extra care and dedication. Expect her to start out short and bushy, very much like an indica, and be prepared to enjoy an awesome head high that will stimulate your creativity and impart a wonderful sense of euphoria.

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