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How to Make Canna-Oil

How to make canna-oil

Canna-Oil Making canna-oil for cooking with and consuming is a fairly quick, reasonably easy process that is richly rewarding. There are several ways to make canna-oil, but one of the most cost effective methods is to use your shake and assorted marijuana trim material that is left over after harvesting your plants. The potency of […]

Trimming & Manicuring Cannabis Plants: Tool & Techniques

Trimming and Manicuring Marijuan

Once you’re crop has been harvested, congratulate yourself and prepare to put in some serious elbow-grease in terms of trimming and manicuring techniques. To successfully trim and manicure your harvest you will need: Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls: with any luck your bud is packed with resin, which means it is sticky as all heck […]