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Trimming & Manicuring Cannabis Plants: Tool & Techniques

Trimming and Manicuring Marijuan

Once you’re crop has been harvested, congratulate yourself and prepare to put in some serious elbow-grease in terms of trimming and manicuring techniques. To successfully trim and manicure your harvest you will need: Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls: with any luck your bud is packed with resin, which means it is sticky as all heck […]

Gendering Your Crop

Gendering Your Crop

Gendering Your Marijuana Plant As any cannabis connoisseur can tell you, an all-female crop produces the finest bud of all. It’s true, and the reason is pretty simple: when females are left unfertilized (i.e. they never come into contact with the pollen from male flowers) they devote all their energy and resources to producing buds […]

Marijuana Flowering

Marijuana Flowering

Understanding Marijuana Flowering When you’re satisfied with the amount of vegetative growth your plants have, it’s time to induce flowering. Marijuana flowering is best achieved once your plants are at least 12 inches tall, but some growers will start at 8 or 9 inches. During the flowering phase, your plant should double or triple in […]

Marijuana Trimmings: What to do with Them

Trimmings: What to do with Them

What to do with Your Marijuana Trimmings If you’ve ever heard the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, when it comes to the marijuana trimmings you have left over after manicuring your buds, this statement has never been truer. Once you’ve completed your first grow and you’ve trimmed off your fan leaves, […]