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Aeroponic Systems and Marijuana

Aeroponic Systems and Marijuana

Whether you’re looking for a more reliable system for use in cloning your cannabis crop, or you’re interested in producing the maximum number of clones possible, aeroponic systems are a great resource for the serious grower. Aeroponic systems are especially useful when you want to root clones from a strain that doesn’t usually respond well […]

Quick Tips for Cloning Difficult Marijuana Strains

Cloning Difficult Marijuana Strains

Cloning Difficult Marijuana Strains If you have a marijuana strains that simply won’t take root, or you’re encountering an overwhelming failure with your current methods of cloning, here are a few ways to increase your chances of success: The potato graft: when you are trying to root particularly stubborn clones or cuttings taken from woodier, […]

Cloning Sativa vs. Cloning Indica


Cloning Sativa vs. Cloning Indica When cloning cannabis plants, the process for cloning sativa and indica (or even c. ruderalis, actually, though cloning ruderalis isn’t all that common) is identical, but results vary from breeder to breeder and from strain to strain. Your growing medium (soil, clay pellets, rock wool, etc.) as well as your […]

Rooting Your Clones: A Review of Rooting Mediums

Rooting Clones

Understanding Rooting Mediums The best rooting mediums for your clones may differ slightly based on your experience, your own preferences as a grower, and your environment (think about whether you’re growing in Washington state or British Columbia vs. growing in Arizona or New Mexico). Budget and what your end goal are may also impact your […]

Cutting and Preparing a Pot Clone

What is a Clone

Learning Basic Pot Clone Techniques Proper harvesting and preparation of your cuttings is important to ensure successful rooting, and while there is no substitution for the hands-on experience you’ll get as a grower, there are some tips and suggestions you can follow to increase the survival rate of your new pot clones. To start with, […]