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Rooting Your Clones: A Review of Rooting Mediums

Rooting Clones

Understanding Rooting Mediums The best rooting mediums for your clones may differ slightly based on your experience, your own preferences as a grower, and your environment (think about whether you’re growing in Washington state or British Columbia vs. growing in Arizona or New Mexico). Budget and what your end goal are may also impact your […]

Marijuana Cultivation: Aeroponic and Hydroponic Systems


Basics of Aeroponic and Hydroponic Systems For those who feel lacking in the DIY skills department, or who simply don’t have the time or inclination to set up their own system, there are some very effective pre-made / predesigned aeroponic and hydroponic systems for rooting and growing your clones. One of the more affordable, and […]

Finding The Perfect Nutrient Blend For Your Plants

Cannabis Nutrient Blends

Just like any living organism, your cannabis plants have distinct nutritional needs. These needs vary based on a variety of factors, chiefly whether you are in the vegetative or flowering stage. Choosing the right nutrient blend is very important. Unfortunately, there is no single perfect nutrient blend available, although some are better than others; finding […]