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Light, Nutrients, pH, Heat & Humidity for Rooting Clones

Grow Light

The Basics of Rooting Clones Unlike growing cannabis during its vegetative cycle or its flowering cycle, cannabis that is being newly cloned does not have any huge light requirements. In fact, rooting clones is one of the few times when cool white fluorescents are one of your best options for lighting. The light schedule for […]

Marijuana Rooting Mediums

Rooting Medium

Choosing a Rooting Medium When it comes to cloning your cannabis plants, the rooting medium you choose is an important factor. From rock wool, peat moss, and organic soil blends to hydroponic and aeroponic systems, there are a myriad of ways to clone your cannabis plants successfully. One of the most popular methods for cloning […]

Cannabis Nutrient Blends

Cannabis Nutrient Blends

Nutrient Blends Just like any living organism, your cannabis plants have distinct nutritional needs. These needs vary based on a variety of factors, chiefly whether you are in the vegetative or flowering stage. Choosing the right nutrient blend is very important. Unfortunately, there is no single perfect nutrient blend available, although some are better than […]