Indica vs. Sativa: The Medicinal Benefits

Indica vs. Sativa

Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana

If you’ve had much of any experience with cannabis, you are no doubt familiar with the different effects of indica and indica-dominant strains as compared to sativa and sativa-dominant strains. In the simplest of terms, sativa strains are known for imparting a more cerebral, so-called head high, whereas indica strains are renowned for their medicinal benefits on the body, result in couch lock.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

There are many medical benefits of marijuana, and knowing what strain suits you is important.

Now, truth be told, there are always strains that make an exception to the rule, especially with the large number of hybrid strains available to connoisseurs the world over. That said, here are some of the basics of what to expect from indica vs. sativa strains.

Straight indica and indica-dominant strains are known for their more sedating effect, which makes them ideal for treating chronic pain, tremors, muscle spasms, anxiety, and insomnia. Because they are generally higher in other cannabinoid content, such as CBD, CBN and CBG, indica strains are generally preferred for evening use as opposed to regular daytime use.

Although research is ongoing, studies with CBN and CBD have shown promising anti-cancer activities as well as stimulation of new bone growth, making indica strains potentially a perfect choice for cancer patients and those suffering specifically from leukemia. These and other cannabinoids have also been shown to have marked antipsychotic effects, with the potential to even be used to regular schizophrenic episodes.

By comparison, sativa strains are widely regarded as having far more stimulating, cerebral effects that make them ideal for appetite stimulation, daytime medication, relief of migraine and nausea, and as anti-depressants. Sativa strains generally have much higher levels of THC, often exceeding 20%, which contributes to a more euphoric, psychoactive high.

Ultimately, the strain(s) you choose for yourself will be based on your specific needs. It’s important to keep in mind that, in addition to THC and the other cannabinoids found in cannabis, there are many different terpenes produced by different strains. These terpenes and other components often have therapeutic effects of their own, so it’s quite possible that your favorite strain helps you not just because of the THC and other cannabinoids in it, but also because of the terpenes and other substances.

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