Ideal Strains for Total Beginners

Strains for Beginners

Ideal Strains to Start Your Grow

While all cannabis plants are renowned for their hardiness and general resiliency compared to many other plants, it’s still true that some strains are harder to grow than others. So if you’re just starting out, and you want to increase your chances of harvesting a decent crop, or if you’re someone who is notoriously bad with plants, here are some ideal marijuana strains that are practically fool-proof.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights - Strains for Beginners

Northern Lights – Strains for Beginners

First and foremost is Northern Lights #5, commonly referred to simply as Northern Lights, NL, or NL#5. This strain won the Cannabis Cup for several years running and has been a go-to strain for beginners the world over ever since hit the market in 1989.

 Resilient, forgiving of your amateur growing mistakes, and generous in its yield of sticky, dense, resinous buds, you can seldom go wrong with Northern Lights. An indica-dominant hybrid, Northern Lights has a flowering period of 7 – 8 weeks and also produces much less smell compared to other cannabis varieties, making it ideal for indoor stealth-growing. Well-grown plants can be expected to yield as much as an ounce or more per plant, so for a starter’s grow that is a very nice haul.

White Widow

Another exceptional strain for beginners is White Widow. Resistant to bugs and pests, as well as dehydration and nutrient imbalances, White Widow can withstand reasonable mistakes and still produce a worthy crop for your smoking pleasure.

White Widow - Strains for beginners

White Widow is another excellent strain for beginners.

Famed for its dense, resinous buds that are sticky to the touch, White Widow is another hybrid strain that is well-adapted to indoor growth. Properly grown, White Widow will be covered in thick crystals, giving it almost a sugared appearance, and will carry a distinct, lightly-fruity aroma. With high THC-content on average, White Widow is a good strain for the beginner who wants to ensure a stronger, more potent crop.

Ideal flowering time for this strain is generally 8 – 10 weeks, and as a hybrid strain with strong indica characteristics, you can count on White Window to remain manageable throughout its growth cycle. Be prepared for strong scents during flowering, generous yields under decent growing circumstances, and a potent high when you finally cure and smoke your bud.

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