A Review of the Best Marijuana Seed Banks

Best Marijuana Seed Banks

Best Marijuana Seed Banks

Choosing the right seed bank can ensure your safety, as well as the legitimacy of the product you receive.

Although you can start your first grow with standard, mystery bagseed or the seeds your buddy gave you after harvesting his own crop, chances are good that you’ve already invested in lights, nutrients, a good growing medium and all the other little things that contribute to the success of your grow. So instead of being a cheapskate on your seeds, here are some of the most reputable marijuana seed banks where you can acquire quality genetic stock to start your grow off right.

First is the seed bank responsible for bringing us such renowned strains as White Rhino, Northern Lights #5, Super Silver Haze, White Widow and more: Mr. Nice Seeds. The breeders behind Mr. Nice Seeds have decades of experience cultivating and breeding exceptional cannabis crops, and their reputation is well-deserved. Available online as well as in many retail locations, you really can’t go wrong with genetics from this seed bank.

Another good seed bank, offering a wide selection of strains with reasonable pricing, is Paradise Seeds. Located in Amsterdam, Paradise Seeds has been in business since the mid-1990s and is a reliable source of quality genetics for starting your first crop. Strains from Paradise Seeds are all grown and cultivated organically, and include Belladonna, Dutch Dragon, Nebula, Magic Bud, Vertigo, White Berry and many, many more.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks

Do some research, and make sure that the seed bank you choose to buy your seeds from is legitimate.

Hailing from Spain, the seed bank Dinafem offers a wide variety of sativa, indica and hybrid strains as well as half a dozen auto-flowering strains. Some of their most famous strains include Cheese, Roadrunner, California Hashplant, Critical +, Diesel, Royal Haze, and the renowned OG Kush, among others.

Another older veteran of the seed bank business, Sensi Seeds is based out of Holland and has been collecting and preserving unique and exceptional strains for more than twenty years. Shiva Shanti, Big Bud, Silver Haze, Hindu Kush, Early Girl, and Hash Plant are just some of the many strains they have available for sale online and in some retail locations.

For those looking for something a little more exotic, African Seed Bank, based out of Johannesburg, South Africa, carries strains such as Durban Poison, Bob Marley, Yoruba, Super Silver Haze, and Caramelicious among others. Prices from African Seed Bank are also hard to beat, so for quality genetics at discounted prices, this is a great seed bank to check out.

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