Marijuana Flowering

Marijuana Flowering

Understanding Marijuana Flowering

Marijuana Flowering

Knowing when to induce marijuana is very important.

When you’re satisfied with the amount of vegetative growth your plants have, it’s time to induce flowering. Marijuana flowering is best achieved once your plants are at least 12 inches tall, but some growers will start at 8 or 9 inches. During the flowering phase, your plant should double or triple in size, so keep that in mind while you decide when to start flowering. Marijuana flowering is a beautiful site, and lets you know that you are that much closer to having the finished product.

Inducing flowering is as easy as turning the light off for 12 hours each day. During this 12 hour dark period, you’ll need to make sure it is well and truly dark in your grow room. Be sure to seal up any doors and windows so that you can properly trick your plants into budding.

How to Induce Marijuana Flowering

Marijuana Flowering

Watching your marijuana flowering is one of the most rewarding experiences of the cultivation process.

Once you’ve changed the lighting schedule, you’ll start to see new bud growth within a matter of days. Within a week or two you should see the formation of what is called a calyx on the female plants, right at the nodes and joints of the branches. These nodes are where buds will grow, and each calyx that develops is the start of a new bud. Like any flowering plant, when your cannabis starts to bud it will change in smell. You really must have a good filtration system in place at this point, because even the lightest smelling cannabis has a distinctive odor that carries well. As much as you love the smell of your budding weed, chances are that you won’t love your neighbors calling the police, so keep it under wraps.

Most strains of cannabis flower over the course of 6 – 12 weeks, or 1.5 – 3 months from the time you induce flowering to the time you harvest, so be patient while your plants develop. During this time, your crop is vulnerable and must be protected, so stay vigilant.

Budding cannabis is at risk from moisture causing mold or mildew, so humidity levels should be dropped by 25 – 50% during the flowering cycle. Some growers will make it downright chilly for their plants, especially during the final two or three weeks of the flowering cycle, in a bid to get more resin on the buds.

Once your buds have successfully matured unscathed by bugs or mold, you can harvest them and prepare to celebrate your first successful grow.

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