Essential Tools For Harvesting Your Marijuana Plants

Marijuana Harvesting Tools

Harvesting Tools for Marijuana

If you’ve come this far, and you’re ready to harvest your first crop, then a hearty congratulations is in order. With your first grow now in its final stages, you’ll want to have the right harvesting tools for your crop, but you’ll also want your plants to be well-prepared for harvest.

If you’ve been supplementing your plants with additional nutrients in their water, you’ll want to withdraw nutrients 2 – 3 weeks before harvest. During these 2 – 3 weeks, be sure to water your crop well with pH neutral water; distilled water works great, but you can use tap water too.

Harvesting tools for Marijuana

Harvesting tools for marijuana

If you use tap water, be sure to let it sit out, open / uncovered, for 24 – 48 hours so that chlorine can evaporate. Do this with any tap water you use at any point during the cycle, not just during the 2 – 3 week flush before harvesting time.

You’ll also want to cease the use of any pesticides, fungicides or other chemicals you’ve been using. This 2 – 3 week period is called a nutrient flush and it’s necessary in order to reduce the amount of chemicals that are left in your bud when all is said and done. Not only do excess chemicals pose potential health problems, but they can also make your bud taste just horrible.

When the day has come for your ladies to meet the chop block, here are some of the tools that can make harvesting a whole lot easier:

  • A sturdy pair of garden shears; you’ll need these in order to cut through the stalk of your plants. Remember that cannabis is a strong plant, so get a good, sharp pair of shears.
  • A good, sharp pair of Fiskars while technically more useful during the manicuring stage that will come after you’ve dried your bud, Fiskars are great for clipping off fan leaves.
  • Rubbing alcohol is essential; especially when you’re dealing with a larger grow. Your shears and scissors will get gummed up with resin, putting your tools out of action, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol will allow you to swiftly resume your harvest.
  • Cotton Balls: these go hand-in-hand with the rubbing alcohol and are indispensible for cleaning your tools as you harvest, and again when you manicure your buds after drying.

While harvesting, and especially when you manicure your buds later, you may find that a lot of resin sticks to your fingers. This is commonly called finger hash and you can either collect it as you go, or you can invest in some latex gloves and wear those during harvest. Simply chuck your gloves after the harvest, and you won’t have to worry about scrubbing your hands for hours.

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