Marijuana Grow Tents

Marijuana Grow Tents

Marijuana Grow Tents: Find The Perfect Tent

If you’re growing in limited space or you want to maintain multiple stages of growth inside the same room, then a grow tent might be something to consider.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, the idea behind a grow tent is to create a self-contained subdivision of your space. Grow tents can also be helpful if you want to raise a male plant to maturity in the same room as your ladies without necessarily pollenating the whole crop. A grow tent can also be a great way to contain the smell of your marijuana as it grows.

Most grow tents have some level of light leakage, though. While light leakage can be remedied pretty easily with some extra tape in the right places, it is something to be aware of. Not only will light leak out when you have leakage points (on the zipper or along the seams is most common) but you’ll also have light leaking in.

Since you want the grow area to be completely dark during the flowering stage, light leakage becomes a concern for many growers. Some growers claim to experience a higher incidence of hermaphrodites when growing in tents with serious light leakage, while for others the issue is being able to sleep at night with their grow tent in the same room.

Some of the top manufacturers of grow tents include:

Secret Jardin Grow Tent

Secret Jardin Grow Tent

  • Secret Jardin: these tents are known for being pretty excellently light-proof, with decent quality frames, good quality materials and workmanship, and reasonable affordability.
  • Growlab: known for making a wide variety of tents, these grow tents are pretty sturdy, have excellent frames, good ventilation and reasonable cost, but they leak light badly.
  • Sun Hut: these folks make cheap grow tents, but the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is rather outstandingly true here. These tents leak light worse than their competitors and their manufacturing quality isn’t especially great.
  • Homebox: these tents are known for having light problems akin to the Growlab tents, and they can be harder to access than other tents, but their main failing is ventilation.

If you’re willing to splash out some extra cash, though, and especially if you’re interested in a really awesome larger grow tent (think up to 9’ x 9’, that’s 81 sq. ft. of grow space!) you might check out Gorilla Grow Tents. Available in sizes from 2’ x 2’ to 9’ x 9’, a Gorilla Grow tent is an investment all on its own, but one that you might find well worth it.

Demonstrated at medical marijuana shows by their proud staff, Gorilla Grow tents feature an all-metal, interlocking frame that is astoundingly resilient and capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. They use very high quality material that is thicker than what other grow tents use, and they are excellent at containing and preventing light leakage.

All that combined with ample cooling options, and Gorilla Grow tents are a great choice for both novice and skilled grower alike – if you can afford them.

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