Indoor Marijuana Growing 101

Indoor Marijuana Growing 101

Common Indoor Marijuana Growing Techniques

Indoor Marijuana Growing

Indoor Marijuana Growing can decrease the chances of getting caught growing marijuana vs. outside growing.

If you choose to grow indoors, there are many different techniques that you can use. First, you’ll need to choose a growing medium. Most growers choose between hydroponic and soil-based growing methods, but new growers are best to start with a soil base. Growing inside is usually a much more viable option, as it is more concealable and gives you much more control over your environment.

If you decide that indoor marijuana growing is the way to go, then you need to understand that there are both positives and negatives associated with growing indoors.

The Pros and Cons of Indoor Marijuana Growing

The pros of growing indoors include:

  • total climate control; i.e. heat, humidity, water, nutrients, air flow, lighting, etc.
  • much more concealable and private, you keep your business strictly your own
  • fewer problems with bugs or fungus that may harm your harvest
  • less risk of someone stealing your harvest; the woods are full of hikers who’d love to find your isolated grow spot
  • control over when to induce flowering (you are God to your plants, after all, able to turn the sun off and adjust the length of day and night)
  • you can achieve more regular, reliable results
  • staggered growing; you can keep plants at multiple stages of growth to maintain a continuous cycle
  • ability to cultivate ‘mother’ plants and engage in cloning

There are cons to growing indoors, including:

Indoor Marijuana Growing

Indoor Marijuana Growing has many benefits.

  • heat production; there are some areas where police may even use thermal imaging technology to look for literal hot spots where they can investigate
  • smell; growing in a residential area without proper smell containment can attract the unwanted attention of your neighbors or the police
  • electricity consumption; proper lights consume a lot of power and some companies will report a sudden spike in energy use to the police; your bill can also get more expensive
  • size and strain limitations; when you grow indoors, you’ll usually need an indica or indica-hybrid strain, since they grow smaller; cannabis sativa strains are native to equatorial regions where they often grow 10 – 15 feet tall, not a suitable height indoors
  • there is limited or no natural sunlight indoors, so you must use proper lights

Once you’ve decided that indoor growing is the way to go, you’ll need to establish a good grow area. While you can grow in a closet, it’s really best if you have an entire room to devote to your growing, simply because your lights will generate a lot of heat.

Secure your grow room, and start seriously thinking about how you will manage the smell. Although it can be tempting to jump into lights and starters or seed germination right away, take your time to build a secure grow room with adequate ventilation and air purification. Make sure that windows and air ducts are properly sealed, and then you can get started with your plants.

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