Containing the Skunk: How to Decrease Marijuana Smell

Containing the Skunk: Keeping Your Smell Down

Decrease Marijuana Smell in Your Grow Room

Smell is the number one giveaway for your indoor grow, so you should take precautions to decrease marijuana smell associated with your grow.

Depending on what strain you choose to grow, the smell coming from your grow can vary from mild to overwhelming. More people are caught, and their grows busted, simply because someone walking past on the street smelled their plants than for any other reason. So naturally you should do everything you possibly can to contain and eliminate any smell long before it reaches the street outside.

That means you need a good air-purifying system, and the fact is that charcoal filters usually don’t cut it. While you might be able to get away with activated charcoal filters for a very small grow area, such as a closet set-up, the fact is that if you have more than a few plants they will produce so much smell that your filter is overwhelmed.

This requires the use of more stringent air-purification, which is where ozone filtration comes in. A good ozone filter will totally strip and cleanse the air, leaving no discernible trace of your growing plants. The problem is that ozone filtration systems can get expensive to set-up and to maintain, so you’ll have to decide how the benefits weigh against the cost for yourself.

The Importance of Good Air Circulation

Decreasing Marijuana Smell

Good air circulation is vital in decreasing marijuana smell.

Maintaining good air circulation is also vital to the health of your plants. While they are in the vegetative stage, setting up an oscillating fan to blow air through your plants can do wonders to strengthen the stem and other vegetative growth. The fan will mimic natural wind currents, and in response to the mild stress, the plant will strengthen its stalk and become more rigid, and is therefore capable of bearing a heavier load of bud during the flowering stage.

Finally, don’t try to decrease marijuana smell with incense, perfumes or scented sprays like Lysol. These methods absolutely do not work; all you do is make it smell like whatever you sprayed plus your plants, and no one on your block is fooled. So don’t mess around, get yourself some decent air filtration, you’ll save yourself a world of trouble.

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