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Review of 2 Top Strains for Indoor Growth

Top 2 Strains to Grow

Indoor Growth: Choosing Your Strain When you’re picking out a strain for indoor growth, there are certain traits that you’ll generally look for. Usually, you’ll want a plant that is shorter, bushier and higher yielding; ergo, you’ll be looking into either a straight indica or an indica-sativa hybrid. First and foremost is Northern Lights #5, […]

Indica vs. Sativa: The Medicinal Benefits

Indica vs. Sativa

Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana If you’ve had much of any experience with cannabis, you are no doubt familiar with the different effects of indica and indica-dominant strains as compared to sativa and sativa-dominant strains. In the simplest of terms, sativa strains are known for imparting a more cerebral, so-called head high, whereas indica strains are […]

Plant Training

Training Your Plant

Marijuana Plant Training Plant training can be very simple. Whether you’re growing a sativa strain that must be topped and tethered to keep its voracious growth in check, or you’re supporting the drooping branches of an indica laden with bud, chances are good that your cannabis crop will need additional support before flowering finishes. Sometimes, […]

Top 3 Sativa Strains to Grow

Top 3 Sativa Strains to Grow

Sativa Strains Since Cannabis Sativa originated in tropical and equatorial regions, adapting to an environment that encourages rampant growth, sativa strains are naturally best-suited to outdoor cultivation. A greenhouse offers an excellent choice as well, but for the devoted sativa smoker who must grow indoors there are some strains that can be managed more easily […]

Early & Auto-Flowering Strains: A Review

Early Flowering and Auto Flowering Marijuana

Auto Flowering Strains In the 1970s, various cannabis cultivators and breeders began to selectively breed their marijuana plants for early flowering and what is called auto flowering. Early flowering, as its name suggests, entails plants that naturally begin to bud and mature more quickly than average. Auto flowering strains are sometimes confused with early flowering […]

CBD Production vs. THC Production

CBD Production vs THC Production

Understanding CBD and THC Production Although research has been limited by the ongoing illegality and prohibition of cannabis, decades of anecdotal evidence and an increasing number of scientific studies have demonstrated that cannabis THC production has immense potential as a healing and medicinal agent. While THC is known to be the main psychoactive compound in […]

Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis: A Comparison of Cannabis

Cannabis Comparison

Comparing Cannabis Strains As you may have heard, there are three main sub-species of cannabis that are cultivated throughout the world. The most widely known varieties, by far, are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, while their less-known cousin is Cannabis Ruderalis. Each of the sub-species has unique characteristics that have resulted from its adaptation to […]