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Fact & Fiction: Debunking Common Marijuana Grow Myths

Marijuana Grow Myths

Common Marijuana Grow Myths The Grow Myth: Stressing your plants during flowering, either by withdrawing nutrients, changing the lighting cycle, subjecting them to cold or frost-inducing temperatures, or forcing them through prolonged dry spells will increase their resin production. The Facts: When you subject your plants to unnecessary stresses during their flowering period, you actually […]

Rooting Clones: Gel vs. Powder

Rooting Clones

Rooting Clones 101 When rooting clones there are several substances you can use to increase the chances of success. These include rooting gels, powders and other preparations designed to expose your cuttings to hormones that will promote the formation of new roots. Rooting powders, such as the popular ‘Take Root’ powder available in many garden […]